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Bridge Bearing
Structure materials installed in joints of lower and upper structure of the bridge.
The basic functions are

1. Supporting the load from the upper structure, it transfers the load to the lower structure safely, and smoothly.
2. Horizontal movement function is installed corresponding the horizontal conditions such as load, temperature change.
3. Rotation function is installed corresponding the load from a upper strucure. It’s the important tool sustaning the lifetime
    of bridge.
■ Specifications
Earthquake-Proof Disc Bearing   Earthquake-Proof Disc Bearing
1.It is an Earthquake-Proof design which can control the horizontal force and the
negative reaction, protects the fall-down of superstructure of bridge And it is a simple
design which plays an important role of the bridge bearing with only the polytane disc
of function.
2.Lower height & Stabilized Structure.
3.Prominent durability & Economic cost .
A Type Pot Bearing | disc & pot ptfe bearing details   A Type Pot Bearing
It's been manufactured based on KSF 4424.
There are three types, solid type, one-way type, and two-way type. Also, it efficiently
classifies the horizontal force, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% for the customers's

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