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CEO's Address
  Thank you for visiting the website of the D S L co., ltd.
  Our company has been concentrating its all efforts to manufacture and provide The best products the name of the Dongseo chemistry in 1997.

In addition, as it has research Chemical rubber Co the bridge bearing and
bridge Expansion Joint for the bridge constrction, it has held numbers of
pat- ents so that it has been ready for commercializing the excellent and
innovative products.Not to be satisfied here, it has done ites best to
pioneer the new over- Seas market and domestic market and will pay for
the patronage and encour- agement from other cooperative companies.

- Our number one priority is our customers.
- We keep our commitment like our lives.
- Management is always thorough and complete.
- We will be with our customers at all times.
Representing the all staff, it sincerely expresses the gratitude to cooperative
companies and customers.
It promises that it will be the Dongseo Elastec co., Itd.
Developing with the strict quality management and R & D.
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