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Expansion Joint
Structure materials installed in the surface of the upper structure of bridge,
1. New construction by the temperature change,
2. Drying shrinkage and creep according to the age of concrete,
3. It makes the movement and rotation of upper structure more smooth.
    The eveness should be maintained so that vehicles can safely pass the bridge.
■ Specifications
bridge finger joint   Finger Joint
As it's conveniently and simply constructed by the long frame, the finger gap is more
desified than that of the existing joint. It features the no penetration of alien matters.
It blocks the vehicles during the repair and maintenance. As the exposed side is
designed in hard-steel structure, it features the durability, evenness, driving efficiency.
Its angle is balanced according to the angle of curved bridge.
In addition, long finger can be manufacutred. It fits for the long and huge bridge.
New Finger Joint   New Finger Joint
1.Abrasion does not occur as the main body is manufactured incorporated with
synthetic rubber.
2.The product life is almost permanent without any damage as the upper part is made
of steel including rubber, without the rubber ripping or the adhering part cracking up.

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