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Company History
2003.01 Enlargerment of factory building
2003.02 Appolnted export company
2003.05 Participating to joint consortium of lndustry, university and reserch institute
2003.07 Resister Specialization of construction
2003.07 Appointed great promised company of export
2003.08 Changed name of company into DSL Co,. Ltd
2004.02 Appointed export commpany
2004.04 Appointed company of technologe innovation
2004.08 Changed name of company into DSL Co.,Ltd
2004.12 Issued 2 Patents related exponsion finger joint of bridge
2005.01 Issued 2 Patents related Antiearthquake control of bridge bearing
2005.03 Issued 1 Patent related Elastomeric bridge bearing
2005.11 Issued 3 Design related bridge bearing
2006.07 Issued 1 Patent related Earlquake-Prool Disc Bearing
2006.09 Issued 2 Patent related Earthquake proof brdge bearing
2007.08 The Disc bearing selected representing the highest standards of sevice and quality excellence by
Incheon metropolilan city
2007.12 Win official commendation of Administrator of Incheon SMBA
2008.01 Issued Patent related Earthquake-Proof Disc Bearing Used P.U
2008.04 Certification of KOITA for reserch institure
2008.07 Certification of SMBA for Technical Innovation
2008.10 Certification of KIBO for Venture business company
2008.10 VietNam Lien Khuong Airport Construction ProJect Bridge Bearing Export and two the other projects.
US$ 300,000 / 베트남 Lien Khuong Airport Construction ProJect Bridge Bearing 외2건 (US 30만$)
2009.01 Earthquake-Proof Disc Bearing installed Honam train line 60 set
2009.04 Earthquake-Proof Disc Bearing installed Kyung Bu train line 48 SET
2009.09 VietNam Danang Airport Construction Project Pot Bearing 12000KN 34SET Export / 베트남Danang
Airport Construction Project Pot Bearing 12000KN 34SET
2009.12 VietNam Phu Long Bridge project PotBearing 3000Ton BSET and The other Pot Bearing 36SET export / 베트남 Phu Long Bridge project PotBearing 3000Ton BSET 외 36SET
2010.01 Vietnam Quong Than Bridge TF Joint 50 94M
2010.02 Vietnam Cacut Bridge TF Joint 160 103M
2010. 03 Vietnam Bong Duoung Bridge Elastomeric Bearing 40SET / TF Joint 216M
2010. 03 Vietnam Bai Tre Bridge Pot Bearing 17,500KN 12SET / 12,500KN 12SET / 3,500KN 14SETS
2010. 05 Vietnam Danang Airport Pot Bearing 4,000KN 14SET / 7,000KN 16SET
2010. 06 MIL-YANG River Bridge Aseismatic Disc Bearing 1500KN 120SET
2010. 08 WOL-GOK River Bridge Ascismatic Disc Bearing 1250KN 40SET
2011. 01 Vietnam Trung Phat Investment Joint slock.co., Ltd Trans Flex Joint TF50 100M
2011. 06 Pakistan RINBOW ENTERPRISES Expansion Joint NB50 100.8M

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