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■ Specifications
bridge expansion joint detail | Trans Flex Joint   Trans Flex Joint
As it's made of good-quality chloloplene rubber, it featrues the abrasion and weather
resistance and permanent usage. As thesteel plate is built in, it absorbs and lessens
the load by the shock when the vehicles pass through. It absorbs and lessens the
deformation form each directions, vertical, horizontal,slide and rotational direction.
Due to the simple structure, it featrues the convenient repair and maintenance, good
driving efficiency.As the noise absorption materials are applied in curved part, it's
suitable for being used in steel bridge, RC bridge, PC bridge, straight bridge, curved
bridge, interchange, parking lot, playground, and structures.
bridge expansion joint detail | Trans Flex Joint   NB Joint
The anker bolt assmbled up and down is not exposed on the surface of joint.
It transmits the load to the supporting part and keeps the durability, and lessens the
connected parts with vehicless so that the driving efficiency is guaranteed.
Compared that the existing NB-joint is made of rubber, the contact side of S-NB joint is
covered with the strong materials so that it guarantees no abrasion and breakage and
permanent lifetime. In addition, for the perfect water proof, it's manufactured in solid
prominent shape, it features the convenient construction even in hard-to-be contrcutred
place. Durding the concrete construction, it's design not be widened.
The noise absorption agent is injected between the inside the joint body and sleeve so
that it featrues the shock absorption and noise absorption effects.
It minimizes the factors of inferiority of joints with the perfect quality mangement.
It featrues the excellent durability.

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